Data Mining

Data Mining

We provide effective services in wide range of Data Mining including Data Entry and Specialized Data Processing Services.

Helps you to manage and obtain significant information from data sets from any industry, of any size within the time and in a cost-effective way.

Businesses with huge volumes of raw data that is to be processed for useful and important information to improve its overall productiveness as well as the business operations and many organizations require this information to make effective business and enterprise decision.

Data Entry Services

The data are useful when it is converted into information. EvoSolv developers are experts in digging data into a large volume of data with quality. Data mining is a packet of information that covers a text, numbers, and facts.

Effective data management is critical for all organizations. Precise and accurate data can provide a clear advantage to a company’s decision-making process and competitive response. Every corporation large or small manages transactions every day, each of these transactions either financial, sales or production constitutes a key input into a company’s final business story.

We understand that data entry is a crucial part of data management and that it is tedious and time-consuming. Leading global corporations have found a key ingredient to overcome this challenge by outsourcing data entry. Imagine a data management firm that offers a complete package of data entry services at an affordable price, allowing you to focus on your core business activities.

With over 18 years’ experience in data entry and analysis, and multiple delivery centers across the globe, the data entry professionals at EvoSolv have the capability to work on large volumes of data and provide accurate and error-free data entry services.

OCR Services

EvoSolv experts are using an OCR tool that accepts the graphical segment of a document as its information. It will perform a thorough scan and converts it into a text format in the desired language.

Data Conversion Services

EvoSolv is specialized in converting data within less time with quality, whether it is big or small. We can help you save, search and recovery of data. That will help your business anytime and anywhere.

Data Processing Services

Do you have any huge volumes of worthless data in your business organization which is affecting your business development? Get our data processing services, which is most helpful to bring valuable information to your organization.

Indexing Services

Our Indexing services help you to get more commitment on non-core work areas. The EvoSolv specialized team ensures that you will receive better service with low cost.

Specialized Data Entry Services

Our Specialized data entry services focusing on innovative and customized services based on our business requirements. Our team utilizes the latest software for error free services.